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Boolean Procedure

Innovative short that is equal parts Beckett, Gilliam, Orwell and life advice for the recently redundant. Yes, really.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1980 23 mins


Worried about computers taking over your job? This innovative and visionary short film picked up that idea back in 1980 and dragged it through a dark, dystopic vision of the future. Though angry and nightmarish in tone, the film’s deeper message is actually a somewhat positive one. Rejection from a cold, consumerist, corporate world is an opportunity to find a new life path, for those who can find it. Note that the final image of the film is the emergency exit.

Filmmakers Nichola Bruce and Michael Coulson met at the Hornsey College of Art, and continued collaborating after graduation. Boolean Procedure was their second film produced together with the aid of a grant from the Greater London Arts Association.