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Animated Genesis

Arachnophobes beware! This colourful allegorical abstraction of life from creation to near destruction casts greed as a giant spider

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1952 22 mins


What are you more scared of, nuclear bombs or giant spiders? This allegorical tale takes on the mighty task of squeezing life from creation to its near destruction in 20 minutes. The shadow of greed appears in the form of a giant spider, taking advances in machines to enslave mankind and the discovery of the atom to threaten it with destruction.

Peter Foldes came to Britain from Hungary in the late 1940s and produced backgrounds for The Magic Canvas (1948) by fellow countryman John Halas. This film was made with his British wife Joan on 16mm Kodachrome, but after it was shown to Sir Alexander Korda he paid for it to be blown up to 35mm Technicolor film for a wider release. After following this film up with the even more apocalyptic A Short Vision (1956), Peter went on to work in Paris and Canada and made some pioneering use of computer animation.