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Beware of Pity

A romantic drama in which an Austrian Lieutenant befriends a disabled Baroness.

Drama 1946 102 mins



Anton asks Edith to dance and unwittingly reopens old wounds. Wealth is no insulation from the struggles she faces following a horse riding accident. Indeed, as she actively seeks his affection, Edith’s social position in fact becomes a liability. In turn, he seeks to understand if her paraplegic condition is curable. Edith can’t help but ask, does Anton visit her out of pity or love? Misunderstandings abound in this high profile literary adaptation.

Viewers may be surprised by Anton’s overwrought reaction to Edith’s condition, as well as the almost exclusive focus on his feelings, but it is intriguing to witness outside pressures intrude on their budding relationship. Anton’s ostensible struggle provides valuable insight into social attitudes toward disability. Based on Stefan Zweig’s popular novel, published in 1939, this adaptation stars two German expatriates. Maurice Elvey was the most prolific director in British film history, helming around 200 films during an exceptionally productive career.