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Benares Carpet Weaver in Exeter

A carpet weaver from Benares demonstrates his weaving ways.

Current affairs 1964 1 mins Silent

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A carpet weaver originating from Benares (Banares) today known as Varanasi in North India’s Uttar Pradesh is filmed in his shop demonstrating carpet weaving. The Varanasi-Bhadohi-Mirzapur belt in Uttar Pradesh in North India is well known for carpet production.

Traditional carpet weavers of the Varanasi region have spread their skills worldwide and the area has a Geographical Indication of origin with 'handmade carpet of Bhadohi'. Bhadohi is known as carpet city with most of its production aimed at the export market. The area specialises in Indian woollen carpet weaving and hand-tufted knotted carpets. The area is also known for silk weaving and making saris. More than 3 million South Asians live in Britain today following a period of modern migration which started in the 1950s and 1960s.