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Australia v East Anglia Women's Cricket

Women cricketers are just as tough as the men, and no, despite rumours, they don’t wear coconut shells to protect themselves during matchplay!

Sport 1976 5 mins

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In the summer of 1976, Chris Young for Anglia TV interviews some of the Women Cricketers at Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead where Australian Tourists meet the East Anglian team in a warm-up match, hoping for a Test Match at Lord’s against the England Women’s side.

Young speaks to Australia Women’s Captain Anne Gordon who is hopeful of a chance to play at Lord’s, and teammate Raelee Thompson, who despite the presumption, is no relation of Australian Cricketing legend Jeff “Thommo” Thomson. Young also interviews two players from the East Anglian women’s cricket team. Bowler, Julia Lloyd and left-hand batswoman Lynn Reed, who fight the corner for women cricketers, arguing that women’s cricket is just as exciting as men’s. Lloyd and Reed also dispel the myth that women cricketers use coconut shells as body armour during matchplay!