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At Home with Joy Shelton An Advertising Feature

Wipe your feet and enter the home of actress Joy Shelton in this early ‘ad mag’.

Advert 1955 22 mins


Welcome home. Or rather welcome home shopping. The ‘ad mag’ was a feature of commercial TV in Britain from 1955 to 1963, when it was axed for blurring the divide between programming and advertising. Actress Joy Shelton offers you a tour of her G Plan furniture range, after which the taste of Doris’ American doughnuts is perfect to take away the sour note of salesmanship.

Joy had appeared in films like Millions Like Us (1943) but was better known on radio. She is the perfect host here, bringing glamour to domesticity. Director Quentin Lawrence went on to direct British B movies like The Trollenberg Terror (1958) - aka The Crawling Eye - and The Secret of Blood Island (1964).