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Alexandra Palace and Canterbury's Longmarket

Alexandra Palace is the venue for this short film from Alan Stingemore which also includes a look at Canterbury's LongMarket shopping centre

Amateur film 1986 3 mins

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Staring with the famous transmitter mast atop Alexandra Palace we move inside this large building now used to host exhibitions. We see the interior lobby with its glazed roof, palm trees and sphinx, along with the famous organ, dating from 1875, at one end of the main hall where there is an exhibition on aviation. We then move to the Longmarket shopping district in Canterbury where modern buildings contrast sharply with the medieval cathedral in the distance.

Between the 1950s and 1990s Alan Stingemore made a considerable number of films covering a wide variety of subjects with an emphasis on railways and cinemas in particular. His films often capture memorable moments as well as last 'glimpses' of subjects that were about to disappear forever. Intermittent sound throughout.