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Aldershot Command Gazette

King George V and Queen Mary review activities at Aldershot, Hampshire - Britain's largest military training camp

1917 6 mins Silent


Boosting the morale of soldiers was deemed crucial to Britain's military success in WWI and King George V and Queen Mary dutifully did their bit. Here the royal couple are seen reviewing activities at Aldershot, Hampshire, Britain's largest military training camp. They also visited the Western Front numerous times.

This film is thought to be the first military animated newsreel. Its target audience, the allied troops, would have delighted in seeing themselves on screen - which would have been a rare novelty at the time. The proceeds from the film were used to provide further entertainment to help maintain high spirits among the forces. Look out for the lovely shots of the soldiers' children who were awarded prime spectator seats for the investiture ceremony by the King, shown in the film.