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Alan Klein and Julie Samuel - Come Outside

1960s songster Alan Klein invites Julie Samuel to ‘Come Outside’ - but she’d rather do the twist - in this pop promo

Music video 1962 3 mins


Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard may have had the number one hit with this silly song, but pigeon-chested Alan Klein certainly went for it with his cover version. Alas, it missed the charts entirely - but was captured in full colour on celluloid for the short-lived Cinebox film jukebox system.

Alan Klein composed songs on his ukulele - and penned a hit musical, What a Crazy World, which became a film in 1963, featuring pop heartthrobs Joe Brown and Marty Wilde. He briefly attempted to initiate a pop career of his own, recording tracks for maverick pop producer Joe Meek. Drafted in to sing with noted novelty jazz troupe the New Vaudeville Band, and rechristened Tristram, Seventh Earl of Cricklewood, Klein and company went down a storm on the Ed Sullivan Show on US television. Klein’s obscure 1964 solo album, Well, At Least It’s British, is a favourite of Blur’s Damon Albarn.