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Agitated Adverts

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Agitated Adverts

Anson Dyer imagines the characters behind newspaper adverts and brings them to life in this Kine Komedy Kartoon

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1917 10 mins


A man watches the adverts in a newspaper come to life as he browses through the pages in this 'lightning sketch' animation by Anson Dyer. The artist draws an elderly man reading the advertisements in a newspaper and sketches the reader's imagination running wild. He dreams up first an ad for stewards on the SOS shipping line, followed by one for an assistant in a jewellery. Lastly, the old man reads a classified ad from a gentleman who wishes to exchange his helmet for a scooter. He pictures a German general going over a snowy mountain on his scooter, finally reaching a village where he comically crashes into two German soldiers.