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A Trip through Bosnia

Peaceful Sarajevo and the picturesque Pliva Falls at Jajce

Travelogue 1915 6 mins Silent


This simple yet charming travelogue of early-20th century Bosnia include a panorama of snowy Sarajevo, with its snow-capped mosques and rooftops, followed by bustling scenes in the bazaar and marketplace. The film then moves to the charming medieval city of Jajce, which was a popular tourist destination famous for its waterfall. Here we see locals in traditional dress and a long shot of the Pliva Falls - clearly the cameraman was mesmerised by the spectacle.

This film has plenty of social and historical value despite its apparent simplicity; much of what we see in these short views was destroyed in the Bosnian war of the 1990s, in particular the religious buildings. The falls have also changed due to flooding and are now slightly less impressive.