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A Prize Fight or Glove Fight between John Bull and President Kruger

The two sides of the Boer War slug it out

Comedy 1900 2 mins


In this notable piece of Boer War propaganda, the two sides of the Boer War slug it out. John Bull, Britain's doughty emblem (seen here without his trademark Union Jack waistcoat), is seconded by Uncle Sam, whilst South Africa's President Kruger has Russia and France on his side. But do both side fight fair and clean? Round two sees Kruger start kicking, as well as waving a white flag in order to hit John Bull when his back is turned.

Little is known of filmmaker John Sloane Barnes beyond his involvement in this film, but his allegiances and intentions are easily guessed at. The filmmaking itself is a little crude, but with the allegory writ so large and the roustabout action of the fight so easy to follow, there's very little call for sophistication.