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1935 Jubilee in Bognor Regis

Filmed from an upstairs window, this film captures the people of Bognor Regis celebrating the 25 year reign of George V with a fancy-dress parade.

Amateur film 1935 4 mins Silent

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Ralph Staley, the filmmaker, made full use of his vantage point above a draper's shop on Bognor's High Street, to record this display of bunting, floats and fancy-dress in 1935. After a variety of decorated floats and people, many of whom are riding bicycles, passes by, we see the citizens of Bognor Regis waltzing their way down the High Street to the tunes from an accordion band.

Bognor's royal association, which led to its adoption of the suffix 'Regis', dates from 1929 when King George V started his convalescence at Craigwell House in Aldwick, a couple of miles from the town centre. Recovering from an operation on his lung, King George stayed for a total of 13 weeks during which time many other members of the Royal Family, including Princess Elizabeth, visited the seaside town.