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1514 Quatercentenary, Hawick

Local pride beams off the screen at this "quatercentenary" (400th anniversary) celebration of a victory of town youths in a skirmish with English troops. The sculptor of the unveiled statue - "The Horse" which still stands proudly - was Hawick-born William Beattie, aged just 25. He was killed in action in October 1918, and a tribute to him was later added to the statue by his father.

Non-Fiction 1914 4 mins Silent


Originally filmed by the Gaumont company for their newsreel, this surviving version of the film may have been purchased by the Scottish Borders town as a record of the events and contain more footage than any released version. The curious opening title of "Quaker" Centenary is a mistake on behalf of the titler, who was presumably unfamiliar with the uncommon term quatercentenary.