Across what is now Pakistan from Karachi through Balochistan to Lahore and onwards to the North West Frontier

As part of the collection we have included films shot in the west of what was then British India – and what is now Pakistan. From tantalising glimpses of Karachi in the 1940s we head north through Balochistan to Quetta and witness home movie footage of the terrible devastation wrought by the 1935 earthquake. Our journey through Punjab takes in epic footage of prayers at Lahore’s Badshahi mosque and a documentary about life in Rawalpindi in 1928. Our journey ends in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with stops in Peshawar and the Hunza Valley.

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An Eastern MarketAn Eastern Market

Travelogue19289 minsSilent

Documentary detailing a farmer’s visit to the market in Rawalpindi

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Kagan ValleyKagan Valley

Amateur film193115 mins

Amateur travelogue of the Kagan Valley and Darband, Pakistan.

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Lahore - Badshahi MosqueLahore - Badshahi Mosque

Amateur film19337 minsSilent

Extraordinary home movie footage of prayers in the Punjabi capital

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Our Garden - JhelumOur Garden - Jhelum

Amateur film194512 minsSilent

This amateur film captures Colonel and Mrs Lord's garden at Jhelum, as well as soldiers at Karachi.

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Life in HunzaLife in Hunza

Amateur film193711 minsSilent

Fertility rites and wine production: life in the Hunza valley in northern Pakistan.

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Indian LifeIndian Life

Amateur film194018 minsSilent

A motorist's excursion captures a world made by hand in the environs of Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi

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Travelogue192810 minsSilent

The ‘wild’ frontier of India’s north west

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India - NE and NW FrontiersIndia - NE and NW Frontiers

Amateur film194517 minsSilent

Gritty images of India's northerly frontiers

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Quetta Earthquake, May 31st 1935Quetta Earthquake, May 31st 1935

Amateur film193510 minsSilent

Amateur footage of the devastation caused by one of South Asia's worst earthquakes

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Lahore - Refugees from IndiaLahore - Refugees from India

Amateur film19474 minsSilent

Millions of Muslims flee to Lahore in the newly created state of Pakistan, prompted by the partition of British India

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Edward Prince of Wales' Tour of India: Peshawar, The Khyber Pass and Rawl PindiEdward Prince of Wales' Tour of India: Peshawar, The Khyber Pass and Rawl Pindi

Travelogue192214 minsSilent

The future Edward VIII enjoys stunning mountain scenery on a visit to the Khyber Pass during his royal tour

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Pindi EventsPindi Events

Amateur film194012 minsSilent

Life in the bustling Punjabi city of Rawalpindi before partition.

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The North West FrontierThe North West Frontier

Travelogue192812 minsSilent

Trade and military imprints in the North West Frontier province, from Peshawar to the Khyber Pass

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Through the Back Door into IndiaThrough the Back Door into India

192812 minsSilent

An Englishman's eccentric road trip through Iran to Pakistan

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Delhi to the North West FrontierDelhi to the North West Frontier

Amateur film193514 minsSilent

Amateur film featuring government buildings in Delhi, a shooting party in Malakand and winter in Abbottabad

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Durbar at Lahore, 1937: Gorrie Personal Film No. 34Durbar at Lahore, 1937: Gorrie Personal Film No. 34

Amateur film193717 minsSilent

The pomp and ceremony of Empire, including the Viceroy’s Durbar at the Lahore Fort

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Simla Scenes: Indian Viceroy at LahoreSimla Scenes: Indian Viceroy at Lahore

Amateur film193113 minsSilent

An intimate insight into the servant culture and lifestyle of the Viceroy of India and family, as they visit Simla (Shimla) and Lahore

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Simla and LahoreSimla and Lahore

Amateur film193312 minsSilent

Evocative observational scenes of Simla (Shimla) and Lahore, including the gorgeous Shalimar Gardens and Anarkali Bazar.

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Randolph Bezzant Holmes India FilmsRandolph Bezzant Holmes India Films

Amateur film191929 minsSilent

Military occasions around India and Pakistan, featuring the Khyber Pass, Srinagar, Rawalpindi and Peshawar

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Crafts of HunzaCrafts of Hunza

Amateur film193710 minsSilent

A rich variety of crafts as practiced in the Hunza Valley, Kashmir.

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Lahore, 1936: Gorrie Personal Film No. 37Lahore, 1936: Gorrie Personal Film No. 37

Amateur film193613 minsSilent

Amateur film showing events including a Muharram procession and a military parade for the accession of King George VI

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Khyber Pass; Kashmir; AgraKhyber Pass; Kashmir; Agra

Amateur film19289 minsSilent

Romantic, atmospheric travelogue capturing some of northern India’s most iconic places – not least the Taj Mahal.

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Waziristan Instructional FilmWaziristan Instructional Film

Amateur film193210 minsSilent

Guidance for recruits arriving at the North West Frontier

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Royal Visit to India and NepalRoyal Visit to India and Nepal

Non-Fiction19227 minsSilent

Edward, Prince of Wales, visits India and Nepal and goes on a tiger hunt.

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Glimpses of IndiaGlimpses of India

Travelogue192931 minsSilent

Indian travelogue featuring the famous sights and rural life, from Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) to the Khyber Pass.

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Quetta Earthquake (Universal Talking News No. 515)Quetta Earthquake (Universal Talking News No. 515)

Non-Fiction19351 minsSilent

Footage revealing the devastating aftermath of one of Asia’s most destructive earthquakes that took place in Quetta, Pakistan in 1935.

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Quetta - DamghanQuetta - Damghan

Amateur film194317 minsSilent

Amateur colour footage by Sir Clarmont Skrine from 1943, showing the people, landscapes and landmarks of numerous places in Iran.