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Two Women U rating

Beautifully shot and featuring Ralph Fiennes performing in Russian, this handsomely mounted period drama depicts romantic intrigue on a 19th century country estate.

Drama 2014 104 mins

Director: Vera Glagoleva


Ralph Fiennes masters Russian dialogue in this exquisitely shot drama from director Vera Glagoleva. On an expansive rural estate in the 19th century, a love quadrangle plays out in knowing looks and whispered words, as passions build and actions grow increasingly rash.

Mikhail (Ralph Fiennes), a gentle intellectual, is hopelessly in love with the married Natalya (Anna Astrakhantseva). She in turn longs for her son’s young tutor Aleksei (Nikita Volkov), but faces competition from her 17-year-old ward Vera (Anna Levanova). Ralph Fiennes gives a charming, melancholic performance - all in Russian - in this handsomely mounted tale of love and repression.