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The Lust of Angels

After a schoolgirl is molested on the notorious 'groper train' in their town, a group a schoolgirls band together to emact revenge.

Drama 2014 38 mins Not rated

Director: Nagisa Isogai


Schoolgirl Saori is rescued from a molester on a notorious 'groper train' by a fellow student, mysterious new girl Yuriko. Soon Yuriko is leading a gang of girls to hunt and enact revenge on molesters on the Hanagawa line, but things soon begin to spiral out of control...

A prime example of the emergence of new female filmmaking voicess in 21st-century Japanese cinema, Nagisa Isogai's pacy thriller tackles a serious women's rights issue in entertaining fashion; the director dishing out violence with as much relish as her male contemporaries. The film is also a riposte to the longrunning Groper Train series, a highly disreputrable 'pink film' franchise which has had entries directed by future Oscar®-winners like Yôjirô Takita (Departures).