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The Kreutzer Sonata 18 rating

Bernard Rose updates Tolstoy's tale about the corrupting power of sex and jealousy, with Danny Huston as the wealthy husband of a beautiful, famous pianist (Elisabeth Röhm).

Drama 2010 96 mins

Director: Bernard Rose



The second of five Tolstoy adaptations (to date) by acclaimed British director Bernard Rose (Candyman, Mr. Nice) updates the story to contemporary Hollywood, where Edgar (Huston) is the wealthy philanthropist and enraged husband of the beautiful and talented pianist Abigail (Elisabeth Röhm). When Abigail begins practising with a new musical partner, Edgar becomes consumed by feelings of carnal desire and violent jealousy.

Tolstoy's timeless themes are given new life by Rose, who unravels the rich complexities of love, sex, obsession and paranoia in a raw, emotionally and sexually charged thriller.