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The Ground Beneath My Feet 15 rating

Ghosts from the past threaten to engulf Lola’s tightly controlled present in this taut Austrian thriller from the director of Corsage.

Drama 2019 108 mins

Director: Marie Kreutzer



Life is all about control for business consultant Lola. Jetting between Vienna and the corporations she restructures, she manages her personal life with the same ruthless efficiency as her work. Her relationship with boss Elise is a secret, and no one – not even Lola’s lover – knows about Conny, her older sister with mental illness. However, when Conny attempts suicide, Lola is forced to split her focus between work and taking care of her sister. As she does, Lola finds her grip on reality slipping away and all that she’s worked so hard for is threatened. Elements of suspense are deftly woven into this sensitive portrayal of the effects of mental illness, with Valerie Pachner compelling as the torn Lola. Director Martie Kreutzer would follow the film with another portrait of a troubled woman undergoing an identity crisis, the multi-award-winning Corsage.