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The Ghoul 15 rating

A British indie crime film of great style and ingenuity, executive produced by Ben Wheatley and starring Tom Meeten and Alice Lowe.

Crime 2017 82 mins

Director: Gareth Tunley



The Ghoul is an atmospheric slow-burn crime film more interested in psychology and the occult than in solving crimes. Tom Meeten’s detective Chris is called to investigate a mysterious, possible double murder. Discovering clues in the house of a shadowy suspect, he goes undercover as a patient to see the suspect’s psychotherapist. But our understanding of Chris is quickly turned on its head as we get inside his, with Meeten excelling in portraying his character’s complex duality.

Gareth Tunley, who previously starred in Kill List and Down Terrace, turns director here and his intricate plots pay homage to the illustrious lineage of British genre-bending directors that includes Wheatley, Nic Roeg and Christopher Nolan. Gathering comedy royalty and friends (Alice Lowe, Niamh Cusack, Paul Kaye, Rufus Jones, Dan Renton Skinner and Geoffrey McGivern), Tunley proves himself adept at turning limited resources into a British indie debut of great style and invention.