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The Day the Earth Caught Fire

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The Day the Earth Caught Fire PG rating

The BFI’s new HD remaster of the British sci-fi classic. A journalist discovers that the Earth has been knocked off its axis and is moving ever closer to the sun. Is the Earth doomed?

Science Fiction 1961 100 mins

Director: Val Guest



When the USA and Russia simultaneously test atomic bombs, the earth is knocked off its axis and set on a collision course with the sun. Peter Stenning (Edward Judd), a washed-up Daily Express reporter, breaks the story and sets about investigating the government cover-up. This new HD remaster by the BFI National Archive is exclusively available on BFI Player ahead of its DVD/Blu-ray release.

With strong performances (Leo McKern is a stand-out), a vivid depiction of the world of newspaper journalism, and extensive location shooting on the streets of London, Val Guest delivers one of the best British sci-fi films.