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Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss 18 rating

Japanese cinema's kick-ass heroine Meiko Kaji made her name as leader of a ruthless girl gang - which takes on a crime syndicate - in Yasuharu Hasebe's riotous rebel biker flick.

Drama 1970 81 mins

Director: Yasuharu Hasebe


A new member, Ako (Akiko Wada), joins a ruthless girl gang that prowls the streets of Tokyo's Shinjuku district, initiating a new struggle for supremacy with current leader, Mei's (Meiko Kaji). And when they go up against a criminal organisation following a fixed boxing match, blood is shed and friendships are tested.

The first in a series of five girl-gang themed Stray Cat Rock films (which aren't narratively linked), Yasuharu Hasebe's vivid and exhilarating entry opened Nikkatsu Studios' eyes to the commercial potential of sex and violence - a focus that so overtook the company it eventually led to the exodus of Hasebe and Kaji themselves.