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Silent Love

Marek Kozakiewicz’s intimate documentary debut follows Aga, who moves back home to Poland to care for her brother whilst hiding her relationship from the authorities.

Documentary 2022 72 mins Not rated

Director: Marek Kozakiewicz



In the aftermath of her mother’s death, 35-year-old Aga must leave her life and girlfriend in Germany to care for her teenage brother in rural Poland. In seeking custody of her brother Miłosz, Aga must navigate labyrinthine Polish bureaucracy. She answers deeply personal questions, careful not to reveal the details of her romantic relationship. Miłosz, meanwhile, is learning the traditional polonaise dance at school, absorbing what it means to be a ‘man’. At the same time, anti-LGBTQIA+ protests ramp up across the country. When Aga’s partner increases her visits, the improbable trio must find a way to live together. Kozakiewicz’s film presents an intimate insight into what it takes to build a new type of family.