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Room at the Top 12 rating

Jack Clayton directs this romantic, love-triangle drama featuring Simone Signoret in an Oscar-winning performance.

Drama 1958 117 mins

Director: Jack Clayton



Jack Clayton’s 1959 romantic drama tells the story of Joe (Laurence Harvey), a young and ambitious man who has just moved to Yorkshire to work for the Borough Treasurer’s Department. He instead becomes romantically involved with Alice (Simone Signoret in an Oscar-winning performance), and what ensues is a complicated affair that forces Joe to confront what he really wants in life. Clayton brings insight, sensitivity, and visual flair to this dynamic and personal look at youth in love.

Clayton’s film was nominated for several Academy Awards in 1959, including Best Supporting Actress for Hermione Baddeley. At just over two minutes of screen time, Baddeley’s performance as Elspeth became to shortest ever to be nominated for an Award. But beyond the accolades, Clayton’s films stands the test of time for its layered look at romantic entanglements.