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No Place Like Home: Redux

Perry Henzell’s long-lost second feature is a love letter to Jamaica, as we follow a filmmaker searching the island for a lost actor.

Drama 2006 89 mins Not rated

Director: Perry Henzell



During a shoot in Jamaica for a US shampoo advert, its star goes AWOL. The ad’s producer sets out to find her with the help of a charming local fixer, leading to an unlikely romance. Part-love story, part-love letter to the island’s natural beauty, this was director Perry Henzell’s second feature after The Harder They Come (1972), and stars Grace Jones in one of her earliest screen roles.

Originally filmed in 1972, the negative for No Place Like Home was believed to be long-lost until it was rediscovered, completed and given a limited release in 2006. In 2019, Henzell's daughter, Justine, returned to the footage to compile this Redux version, faithful to her father's original vision.