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Mitsuko Delivers PG rating

An eccentric, pregnant young lady returns to her hometown to help her downtrodden old neighbours, in Yûya Ishii 's strange, whimsical comedy.

Comedy 2011 109 mins

Director: Yuya Ishii


Mitsuko has an unusual philosophy: follows the clouds wherever they take you. This itinerant lifestyle has led to her pregnancy by an absent Californian. As she drifts with the weather she finds herself back at the tenement she grew up in, where she pledges help her forgotten old neighbours rise out of the doldrums.

Following his previous female-led comedy Sawako Decides, Japan's indie stalwart Yûya Ishii delivers another cracking comedy about women's choices and destinies. Whimsical, offbeat and upending, Mitsuko Delivers could be described as a Japanese Amelie, but it has a peculiar charm all of its own.