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Love Exposure 18 rating

Japanese cinema's enfant terrible, Sion Sono, unleashes this demented, whirlwind tale of cults, love, violence and perversion.

Comedy 2008 237 mins

Director: Sion Sono


Sion Sono's unforgettable, epic saga of sin and redemption fuses the fortunes of three flawed protagonists - a tortured Catholic teen who takes to upskirt photography, a violently anti-men schoolgirl, and the devious cult leader who wants to ensnare them both. As each of their perverse paths intertwine, Sono unravels a crazed and kinetic vision of evolving morality in millennial Japan.

The only four-hour film you're likely to see that never lets up for a single second, Love Exposure may be daunting in length but is also a riotously entertaining and rewarding experience. Drawing on Japan's cult film heritage from Meiko Kaji to Takashi Miike, Sono presents a kaleidoscopic roller-coaster ride that encapsulates all of the filmmaker's vivacious excesses in a single film.