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In a Better World 15 rating

Susanne Bier’s sumptuous, Oscar-winning drama explores the duality of a doctor working in a Sudanese refugee camp and his troubled family life in rural Denmark.

Drama 2010 113 mins

Director: Susanne Bier


From a war-torn refugee camp to the idyllic Danish countryside, two fragile worlds are inextricably linked by conflict and violence. Anton is a doctor whose work bridges the divide between these two dramatically contrasted lands and who must confront an unavoidable moral dilemma. His son Elias forms a friendship with the troubled Christian, but this soon transforms into a dangerous alliance.

Winner of the 2011 Oscar and Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film, In A Better World is a gripping drama about revenge and the power of forgiveness from internationally acclaimed director Susanne Bier. Be prepared for a powerhouse piece of filmmaking that asks demanding questions about violence and the difficulty of ‘turning the other cheek’.