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I Never Cry 15 rating

Darkly comic Polish drama about a young woman who goes on a voyage of self-discovery in Ireland after her father unexpectedly passes away.

Comedy 2020 97 mins

Director: Piotr Domalewski



Ola (Zofia Stafiej), a rebellious teenager from a small Polish city, sets off to bring her largely estranged father’s body home after he dies working on a construction site in Ireland. It will turn out to be the trip of her lifetime, a trip into the unknown, where she will come to know a different world and meet people who will change her approach to life.

Set in modern-day Poland and Ireland, I Never Cry is a piercing, realistic look at the difficulties faced by families separated by emigration, told against the backdrop of the life of Polish workers abroad. Writer-director Piotr Domalewski’s (Silent Night) explores the cruelly ubiquitous loss of a parent through the eyes of a young woman and prompts the viewer to reconsider their role in the lives of others.