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God's Creatures 15 rating

Paul Mescal and Emily Watson star in this gripping Irish psychological drama that asks how far you might go to protect someone you love.

Drama 2022 100 mins

Director: Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer



This gripping and atmospheric Irish psychological drama asks how far you might go to protect someone you love, even if they were accused of something unforgiveable. In a windswept fishing town on the Irish coast, factory worker Aileen’s days are brightened when, out of the blue, her prodigal son Brian returns home, after seven long years living abroad. However, her joy is cut short when one of her co-workers accuses Brian of sexual assault, creating divisions in the town’s close-knit community and within Aileen herself. Emily Watson, Paul Mescal and Aisling Franciosi, who each garnered British Independent Film Award nominations, deliver devastating performances. Saela Davis and Anna Rose’s gripping, beautifully shot and richly scored film is wracked with tension and dread.