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Glastonbury Fayre 15 rating

Nic Roeg made this film of the first Glastonbury Festival to feature the pyramid stage - with a line up including Melanie, Terry Reid, Family, Fairport Convention, Traffic, Linda Lewis and Arthur Brown.

Documentary 1973 87 mins

Director: Peter Neal


Filmed at the very first Glastonbury Festival in 1971, Nic Roeg and Peter Neal's film proves that in England, at least, hippiedom reached its height in the early '70s. As well as a host of classic music performances we get copious shots of tie-dye fashion and the obligatory scenes of nude mud-bathing. But the main attraction, for anyone who's experienced the festival, is seeing how much has changed - and stayed the same - since Glastonbury became a 21st-century cultural colossus.