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Day of the Wacko

In this delightfully absurdist comedy, a misanthropic teacher enacts an incessant interior tirade against the modern world and the indignities of modern life.

Drama 2003 90 mins Not rated

Director: Marek Koterski


Often quoted as a favourite Polish comedy, Day of the Wacko is a non-stop tirade about the inequalities and indignities of life as seen through the eyes of Adaś Miauczyński. Played this time by Marek Kondrat, Adaś is a recurring character in Marek Koterski’s films, here in absurdist mode, virtually paralysed by his neuroses. A middle-aged school teacher, he is frustrated by his job, his relationships and the changing face of Polish politics in a post-socialist era. As he shares his analysis of the world out loud we gain insight into his (often dubious) social and sexual politics but begin to understand the challenges he faces, not least his growing isolation.