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A Call Girl 15 rating

After starting work as a call girl, young English student Alexandra finds herself caught up in political intrigue when her politician client dies of a heart attack.

Thriller 2009 88 mins

Director: Damjan Kozole



Having grown up in small-town Slovenia, 23-year-old English student Alexandra moves to the capital, embracing all the excitement and anonymity the big city has to offer. She styles herself into a mid-level call girl, selling her soul in exchange for a view from above. But as her new life inside her luxury penthouse apartment leaves her increasingly isolated, with mortgage repayments piling up and her studies consuming her time by day, Alexandra’s world is suddenly thrown into chaos when one of her clients, a visiting politician, dies of a heart attack on her watch. Aleksandra finds herself being forced to wrestle with new feelings of fear, loneliness, and responsibility, and with the police now on the lookout for Slovenka, her working-girl alias, can the old village life she once escaped become her only refuge?