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11 Minutes

Jerzy Skolimowski’s ‘catastrophic thriller’ interweaves the lives of multiple characters during a fateful, gripping 11 minutes.

Drama 2015 79 mins Not rated

Director: Jerzy Skolimowski



Jerzy Skolimowski’s ‘catastrophic thriller’ focuses on 11 pulse-pounding minutes in the lives of a variety of - initially unconnected - characters. A predatory film director auditions an actress. An ambulance rushes a pregnant woman to hospital. A motorcycle courier shifts into high gear in order to escape detection by a suspicious husband. A painter, fast food vendor and a dog also join the parade. Their stories overlap, but not in the way you might expect.

The skillful Skolimowski (Moonlighting, Essential Killing) has always been one to push boundaries, and in 11 Minutes he wrings as much excitement, intrigue and emotion as he can from the film’s brief but constantly re-visited timeframe, racking up suspense as the minutes tick by. You’ll be holding on tight as you follow the race towards the end.