Political Pictures

When asked what a government most fears, one prime minister declared, "Events, dear boy. Events". These films chart events and people, real and imagined, who dared to ask for change, for power and for more.

From the revolutionary stirrings of Sergei Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin to the intellectual interrogation of The Stuart Hall Project, our collection offers an entryist route into cinema's body-politic: where radical thought meets imperative image-making.

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Nature of the BeastNature of the Beast

Biopic201796 minsDirector: Daniel Draper

A suitably forthright profile of the evergreen socialist, trade unionist and Labour politician Dennis Skinner - also known as the Beast of Bolsover.

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Dispossession: The Great Social Housing SwindleDispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle

Documentary201782 minsDirector: Paul Sng

Maxine Peake narrates this forthright polemic on the consequences of the 1980s Right-to-Buy scheme on the nation's affordable housing.

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Welcome to LeithWelcome to Leith

Documentary201586 minsDirector: Michael Beach Nichols

What would you do if a Nazi moved next door? This chilling documentary follows the white supremacist takeover of a tiny Dakotan town.

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Land and FreedomLand and Freedom

War1995105 minsDirector: Ken Loach

Ken Loach’s passionate war drama follows an idealistic young Liverpudlian (Ian Hart) who fights for the international brigade during the Spanish Civil War.

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The Stuart Hall ProjectThe Stuart Hall Project

Documentary201399 minsDirector: John Akomfrah

Composed of film, music and photographs from the archives, a fascinating portrait of the life and times of the founder of cultural studies and the New Left Experience.

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Little MalcolmLittle Malcolm

Drama1975111 minsDirector: Stuart Cooper

Delusional revolutionary Malcolm Scrawdyke (John Hurt) leads his Party of Dynamic Erection in a battle against an unseen nemesis in this dark comedy.

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Historical drama197596 minsDirector: Kevin Brownlow

An authentic historical drama about the visionary Gerrard Winstanley who led a group of impoverished 'Diggers' to assert their common rights.

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Laboured PartyLaboured Party

Documentary197520 minsDirector: Stephen Dwoskin

An unsuspecting Labour Party canvasser stumbles onto an experimental film set and is drawn into a strange atmosphere of uninhibited abandon.

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The Birth of a NationThe Birth of a Nation

Historical drama1915191 minsSilentDirector: D.W. Griffith

D W Griffith's highly controversial, yet extremely significant American silent epic about the American Civil War and its aftermath.

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That Hamilton WomanThat Hamilton Woman

Biopic1941120 minsDirector: Alexander Korda

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier bring Hollywood glitz to the love affair between Lord Nelson and Emma Hamilton in the midst of political turmoil.

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Battleship PotemkinBattleship Potemkin

Historical drama192569 minsSilentDirector: Sergei M. Eisenstein

A fixture in the critical canon almost since its premiere, Eisenstein’s film about a 1905 naval mutiny was revolutionary in both form and content.

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Riddles of the SphinxRiddles of the Sphinx

Drama197787 minsDirector: Laura Mulvey

Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen’s visually accomplished and intellectually rigorous film is one of the most important avant-garde films of the 1970s.

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Before the RevolutionBefore the Revolution

Drama1964107 minsDirector: Bernardo Bertolucci

Bernardo Bertolucci's beautifully operatic film celebrates the passion and ideology of the 1960s, winner of the Cannes Critics' Week prize in 1964.