Outsiders and Exiles: The Films of Jerzy Skolimowski

A rare opportunity to see the work of one of the world’s most remarkable filmmakers.

As long ago as 1968, Sight and Sound dubbed Jerzy Skolimowski ‘probably the most explosive and original filmmaker in Eastern Europe’. Which remains as valid a claim today, thanks to a career that’s been as wayward and inventive as any individual film. It falls into three phases. There was a mercurial start in the 1960s that saw him described as a one-man Polish New Wave.

A lengthy period of enforced exile in Britain and the USA followed it. And finally, a return to Poland and triumphant proof, not least via the magnificent, Oscar™-nominated EO, that he’d lost none of the electrifying vigour that had so memorably charged his earlier work, or his abiding, deeply empathetic concern for people (and other creatures) trapped in the margins through no fault of their own.

- Michael Brooke, season curator

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Drama198297 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

When martial law is declared back home, a Polish builder (Jeremy Irons) decides not to tell his colleagues in Jerzy Skolimowski's Cannes-winning drama.

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Drama202286 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

The joint winner of the Cannes Jury Prize and Academy Award-nominated, EO is a strangely wonderful tale where the dark and light of humanity is laid bare.

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Deep EndDeep End

Drama197092 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

Jerzy Skolimowski’s darkly comic and utterly compelling story of teenage infatuation in a run-down swimming pool.

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11 Minutes11 Minutes

Drama201579 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

Jerzy Skolimowski’s ‘catastrophic thriller’ interweaves the lives of multiple characters during a fateful, gripping 11 minutes.

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Le departLe depart

Drama196685 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

Jerzy Skolimowski’s most ‘New Wave’ film, starring Jean-Pierre Léaud as a man dreaming of motor-racing stardom.

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Essential KillingEssential Killing

Thriller201085 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

Vincent Gallo goes on the run in the dead of winter in Jerzy Skolimowski’s near-wordless thriller.

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Hands Up!Hands Up!

Drama196780 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

Five former colleagues have a surreal reunion in the film that saw Jerzy Skolimowski go into exile.

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Identification Marks: NoneIdentification Marks: None

Fantasy196472 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

As he prepares to join the army, having given up his studies and left his girlfriend, Polish student Andrzej spends his last day re-examining his life.