Derek Jarman

Complementing BFI Southbank’s major retrospective, BFI Player’s Derek Jarman collection aims to bring a diverse selection of the innovative and irreplaceable director's works to a wider audience.

From his startling and subversive features like The Angelic Conversation and Caravaggio, to some of the more obscure shorts, documentaries and tributes that have followed in his wake, this collection shines a light on the broad artistic sensibility and wide-ranging influence of one of the key figures in post-war British cinema.

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The GardenThe Garden

Animation & Artists Moving Image199192 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

Inside his modest, sparsely-furnished home on the barren, windswept Dungeness coastline, Derek Jarman dreams.

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The Last of EnglandThe Last of England

Animation & Artists Moving Image198791 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman's passionate and poetic lament on the rise of Thatcherism and corporate dealings.

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War RequiemWar Requiem

War198993 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman's affecting vision of the horrors young men faced during the First World War.

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Biopic199372 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

Written for Channel 4 by radical literary theorist Terry Eagleton and directed by Derek Jarman, Wittgenstein is a bold, offbeat biography, exploring the politics and sexuality of the great, troubled philosopher.

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The Angelic ConversationThe Angelic Conversation

Animation & Artists Moving Image198581 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

The Angelic Conversation sees Derek Jarman conjure an evocative and radical visualisation of Shakespeare’s love poems. With narration by Judi Dench and music by Coil.

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Drama1977106 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

The mythological past and a soon-to-be bleak future converge on the sparse, grey streets of London in Jarman’s personal vision of the punk movement.

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The TempestThe Tempest

Drama197996 minsDirector: Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman’s brooding and darkly symbolic third feature is considered by some to be the most evocative Shakespeare adaptation ever to reach the screen.

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Historical drama197685 minsDirector: Paul Humfress

A distinctly bold and sensual reclaiming of gay history, Jarman here tells the sexually intense story of the 4th-century martyr.

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The ClearingThe Clearing

Animation & Artists Moving Image19937 minsDirector: Alexis Bistikas

An intriguing and poetic short film – a man (Derek Jarman) walking on Hampstead Heath is lured through the woods by the sound of a saxophone.

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Derek Jarman: Life As ArtDerek Jarman: Life As Art

Documentary200460 minsDirector: Andy Kimpton-Nye

Documentary on the life and work of experimental filmmaker, who died in 1994. Contributors including Tilda Swinton recall Jarman's peculiar genius.

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