Carl Theodor Dreyer

With three films in the top 50 of Sight and Sound’s Greatest Films poll, Dreyer is of his cinema history’s incontestable masters.

His films are renowned for their precision and purpose; deliberately paced, carefully composed and judiciously edited. And it’s a style that’s proved incredibly enduring, informing the tenor of much of contemporary art-house and ‘slow cinema’ from Carlos Reygadas to Lars von Trier. Discover the majestic works of one of the all-time greats.

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The Passion of Joan of ArcThe Passion of Joan of Arc

Biopic192780 minsSilentDirector: Carl Th. Dreyer

An incontestable masterpiece of silent cinema, Carl Dreyer's deeply moving biopic features one of the most powerful performances ever captured on film.

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Horror193273 minsDirector: Carl Th. Dreyer

The first sound-film by one of the greatest of all filmmakers, Carl Theodor Dreyer, is akin to a waking-dream; guiding the viewer on a trance-like journey between reality and the supernatural.

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Day of WrathDay of Wrath

Period drama194397 minsDirector: Carl Th. Dreyer

Dark and powerful tale of love and betrayal, and a community gripped by an obsessive fear of witchcraft.

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Drama1955125 minsDirector: Carl Th. Dreyer

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s beautifully photographed tale explores the religious intolerance and familial tensions within a Danish farming family.

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The Master of the HouseThe Master of the House

Drama1925107 minsSilentDirector: Carl Th. Dreyer

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s richly detailed tragicomedy of domestic manners is by turns funny, intensely emotional and deeply affecting.

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Drama1964116 minsDirector: Carl Th. Dreyer

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s final masterpiece centres on a woman who rejects the compromise of her marriage and retreats into a serene isolation.