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This Question of Colour

Dcumentary about race relations in Britain from a US standpoint, including a report on the 1964 election in Smethwick.

Documentary 1965 29 mins Not rated

Director: William Brayne


With frank vox pops in a London nightclub and interviews on the streets of the West Midlands, this is a fascinating (and sadly incomplete) report on the state of equality and discrimination in Britain in 1965. Made from an American perspective, the documentary seeks to investigate the differences between race relations in England and the United States. Along the way, it uncovers vicious racism in the notorious anti-immigrant general election campaign in Smethwick.

Produced as part of the international documentary exchange series Intertel, this programme is presented as it survives in the BFI National Archive with only the second reel of the film. Please note this programme contains offensive language.