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The Tower of Terror PG rating

Action-packed spy thriller about three outsiders holed up in a Heligoland lighthouse in wartime Germany.

Thriller 1941 79 mins

Director: Lawrence Huntington


A picturesque lighthouse on the tranquil German archipelago of Heligoland becomes a tower of secrets and danger in this wartime thriller. British spy Anthony Hale kidnaps a lighthouse assistant and assumes his identity while waiting for a safe passage back to England. Posted to Westrode Island, he encounters a deranged lighthouse keeper and a beautiful refugee who has escaped from a German concentration camp.

Tower of Terror is a heady mix of wartime action and spy thriller, with a dash of horror chills. Director Lawrence Huntington turns the stunning Vale of Glamorgan's Flat Holm into a German occupied island, and there are terrific turns from stars Wilfred Lawson, Michael Rennie and the Mexican-American Movita (Marlon Brando's second wife).