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The Raging Moon

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The Raging Moon PG rating

Sensitive and ground-breaking romance between a wheelchair-bound couple played by Malcolm McDowell and Nanette Newman.

Drama 1970 112 mins

Director: Bryan Forbes



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In this sensitive and ground-breaking drama, Malcolm McDowell plays a passionate young man who’s struck down with a degenerative disease. In despair he decamps to a home for the disabled where he meets a fellow patient and polio-sufferer (Nanette Newman) who instils him with hope, leading to a passionate relationship.

Bryan Forbes commissioned himself to direct The Raging Moon while head of EMI Films, casting his wife (Newman) in the process. As such Forbes’ motives were questioned at the time and the film has remained somewhat underappreciated since. But seen today it can be appreciated as a bold depiction of disabled romance and a fine addition to the roster of British films produced by EMI during Forbes’ tenure.