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Tawai: A Voice from the Forest U rating

Inspired by his visits to nomadic cultures, explorer Bruce Parry (Tribe) undertakes a worldwide journey to discover how modern man can reconnect to the natural world.

Documentary 2017 101 mins

Director: Bruce Parry


Over the course of his BBC series (Tribe, Amazon, Arctic), presenter and explorer Bruce Parry has visited some of the world's most remote cultures, learning about ways of life far removed from our own. Inspired by a return trip to meet the Penan tribe of Borneo, Parry undertakes a new journey of discovery to try and reconcile his own ingrained individualist mindset with the communitarian ideas of nomadic tribes, in which a connection to each other and the natural world is paramount.

Travelling the world to speak to shamen, sadhus and scientists, Parry assembles an inspiring picture of human identity, and the richness of experience to which we can all aspire. Through the course of this fascinating documentary he discovers that some of the most fashionable pursuits of our time - mindfulness, moderation, environmentalism - are as old as human culture itself.