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Swiss Army Man 15 rating

Paul Dano and a flatulent corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) excel in this bizarre, yet surprisingly moving surreal comedy.

Comedy 2016 98 mins

Director: Daniel Scheinert



Some films are so peculiar they grab your attention from the first frame. This debut feature from the directorial pair known as “Daniels” is one such film. It shows the relationship between a marooned survivor (Paul Dano) and a washed-up corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) who form the most unusual of emotional and physical bonds. There plenty of laughter and surrealism but don’t be surprised if you find yourself moved too.

Winner of the Directing Award at Sundance 2016, Swiss Army Man is shot with a verve and style that betrays the filmmakers' music video origins. An offbeat slice of new American comedy that's destined to become a cult classic, almost every corner of the film holds a wonderful surprise, from Daniel Radcliffe's magnetic, physical performance as the most empathetic of corpses, to the amazingly well-orchestrated shifts between drama and comic sensibility.