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Suzie Gold 15 rating

Girl meets goy: a Jewish princess must decide between a Jew and a gentile in this light-hearted romantic comedy

Romance 2004 90 mins

Director: Ric Cantor


23-year-old Jewish princess Suzie Gold’s younger sister is getting married. The pressure is on for Suzie to find herself a nice Jewish boy and settle down. However, when Suzie starts her new job and meets Darren, a gentile boy, they end up falling for each other. Unable to introduce him to her overbearing mother and traditional father, she has to decide whether or not to follow her heart.

Suzie Gold is an amusing glimpse into the world of cultural expectations and traditions. The film is very broad in its portrayal of Jewish characters: while many of the stereotypes will be recognisable to Jewish audiences, it is unlikely that one family would contain quite so many caricatures. American actress Summer Phoenix (youngest sibling of Hollywood star Joaquin) is an interesting casting choice, but proves to be a winning heroine.