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Small Town Story U rating

Can Bob Regan thwart a devious businessman and a manipulative ex-girlfriend to save Oldchester United? Maybe, with the help of friend Denis Compton!

Gangster 1953 68 mins

Director: Montgomery Tully


The story of a talented footballer, a scheming businessman, a greedy ex-girlfriend and a large pot of money. Oldchester United player Bob Regan becomes the pawn in a businessman’s game to inherit a large sum of money by scuppering United’s chance of promotion to Division 3. A football film with plenty of football aided by significant contributions from Denis Compton and Raymond Glendenning along with match action at Arsenal and a thrilling cup tie at Oldchester.

Lead actor Kent Walton is best known as a professional wrestling commentator on ITV from the late 1950s to early 1980s. As well as Denis Compton the film also features team members of Arsenal FC, Millwall FC, Hayes FC and Middlesex Cricket Club. Small Town Story was until recently a difficult film to see, and it made its way onto the BFI's 75 Most Wanted list of the most sought-after British feature films not held by the BFI National Archive.