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Five Days

A businessman on the brink of ruin schedules his own murder - but then changes his mind - in this tense 50s B picture

Thriller 1954 72 mins

Director: Montgomery Tully


Faced with ruin, company boss James Nevill hires an old acquaintance to kill him within five days - so his darling wife will get the life insurance - in this excellent early Hammer thriller. When his fortunes take a turn for the better, Nevill wants to cancel the deal - but it looks like it might be too late! Old school thrills and peculiar plot twists abound in this action-packed B picture.

Five Days was shot by the underrated British B Picture maestro Montgomery Tully. Producing some of his strangest and most exciting work in the 1940s and 1950s, this gifted filmmaker’s other directorial credits included Murder in Reverse (1945) and The Glass Cage (1955).