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She, a Chinese 18 rating

British-Chinese director Xiaolu Guo’s story of a young woman's journey from a remote Chinese village to London, in an attempt to realise the Western consumer dream.

Drama 2009 99 mins

Director: Xiaolu Guo


British-Chinese director Xiaolu Guo explores the itinerant existence of Chinese arrivals to London through the story of Li Mei, a Chinese girl who drifts from affair to affair, finding herself in ever more suffocating situations in a city that supposedly offers untold freedoms. Guo's incisive drama highlights the startling consistency between East and West from the vantage of the dispossessed.

Xiaolu Guo is a prolific filmmaker and author, who was named one of 2013's Best of Young British Novelists by the literary journal Granta. She, A Chinese was her first fiction feature, after a number of shorts and documentaries, and won several festival awards, including the Golden Leopard at the 2009 Locarno International Film Festival. It remains a key film about the 21st-century immigrant experience.