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Scene Nun, Take One

Susannah York plays a mischievously wayward actress mistaken for a nun in this comedy short shot in Swinging 60s London

Comedy 1964 26 mins Not rated

Director: Maurice Hatton


Susannah York plays a beautiful and beguiling young actress mistaken for a nun who goes on a mischievous trip around London in this short, snappy and visually striking swinging 60s comedy vignette, conceived after director Maurice Hatton spotted a crowd of nuns gathered outside a West End theatre. "People thought I really was a nun," York confessed on location.

This, the first film produced by Maurice Hatton’s Mithras company, had a budget of just £2000. So impressed with the project was its expensive star Susannah York that she waived her fee, instead signing up for a proportion of the profits – which she promptly donated to Oxfam. The film first played as supporting feature to the colourful French musical extravaganza Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Jacques Demy, 1964).