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River Runs through It PG rating

Two contrasting and occasionally conflicted brothers find solace while fly fishing the rivers of their Montana home.

Biopic 1992 124 mins

Director: Robert Redford


Two brothers, one a rebellious journalist (Brad Pitt) and the other a dependable teacher (Craig Sheffer), lead contrasting and occasionally conflicting lives. During a tumultuous period in American history, spanning from World War One to the Great Depression, they find occasional solace while fly fishing the rivers of their Montana home, under the watchful gaze of their domineering Presbyterian father (Tom Skerritt).

Robert Redford’s third film as director is a prime slice of sun-kissed Americana, a family drama centring on man’s commune with nature during times of trouble. In one of his earliest lead roles Brad Pitt displays the star charisma that would see him rapidly become one of Hollywood’s hottest properties.