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Rabid 15 rating

David Cronenberg’s classic bloodbath introduces us to a young woman (Marilyn Chambers) who hungers for human flesh after some plastic surgery has gone wrong.

Horror 1976 91 mins

Director: David Cronenberg


David Cronenberg’s pre-Videodrome fascination with body horror begins with Rabid, a cult favorite of the filmmaker. Rose (Marilyn Chambers) is a beautiful young woman who, after experimental plastic surgery, discovers that she hungers human blood. She begins a frightening epidemic, as each person she infects transforms into terrifying, flesh-eating zombies. Things get out of control – and very, very bloody. One of Cronenberg’s earlier feature films, Rabid is a horrifying allegory and a tight, thrilling genre ride.

Fans of Cronenberg find Rabid as one of the earlier incarnations of the filmmaker’s most provocative ideas – the genesis of body horror and the physical manifestation of decay, dread, and terror. A piece of cult Canadian cinema as much as it is an auteur-driven genre film, Rabid is Cronenberg just getting started.